BlogLaravel 4.1 Rebuild Class Autoload

22nd September 2014

When you create a Laravel package you must declare the locations of your classes in the autoload section of your composer.json. For example...

 "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "Company\\Package\\": "src/"

You can also use PSR-0 (which has some backwards compatibility for use with old PEAR projects) but it's not recommended is has been superseeded by PSR-4.

You then need to run the following command to ensure that this is registered properly with Laravel...

Laravel 4

$ php artisan dump-autoload

Laravel 5 & 6

$ composer dump

If you ever decide to change the location of any of your classes then you need to make sure you run the dump command again otherwise your classes may not be found.

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