Jon Adams PHP Web Developer & Designer
Bournemouth, UK

Hi, I’m Jon.

I'm a coder, techie, runner, family man and lover of real ale.

An avid scifi fan with a pencant for post-apocolypse novels.

These days, I'm often found building awesome web things using Laravel and React.

If you’d like some help with your web project…

let’s talk!

My Work

Volvo First Class

Dealership incentive scheme web app.

Car parts listing and search site.


Quantum consumables site.


Web app/CRM for Peugeot Citroen.

Sailisbury BID

Competition Microsite for Salisbury BID.


Advertising builder and CRM.


Advertising Campaign management webapp.


Competition Microsite for Lumiserve.

#loveWinter & #winJim

Our most successful project yet!

Rad (MD Lumiserv)

Electro Kabuki banner

Electro Kabuki

Well knock me down with a lettuce sandwich! Great work! Exceptionally well done!

Steve (Swordfish Design)

DA Environmental banner

DA Environmental

We're very pleased!

Emma (Manager)

Beehive Day Nursery banner

Beehive Day Nursery

Wow!!! It looks awesome, thank you so much for all of your hard work :-)

Chloe (Nursery Director)

Weather Compare banner

Weather Compare

Yes Jon!!! That is awesome! It looks amazing, thanks for all those little extras as well.

Jamie Pethick (Owner)

TidyTash banner


Really fantastic, thank you!

Tash (Owner)

Budget Mobile Cover banner

Budget Mobile Cover

Brilliant, thank you!

Richard (Owner)

Birthday Boy Bob banner

Birthday Boy Bob (microsite)

Brilliant, love it!

Party organiser

BIG Customer Service Centre banner

BIG Customer Service Centre

"Excellent work!"

Richard - CEO

Bournemouth Accounting banner

Bournemouth Accounting

I love it!

Nino (Director)

Sound Security Services banner

Sound Security Services

On the Blog...

4th February 2020

Inversion Of Control (IOC) Simplified

IOC (Inversion of Control) is something which is referred to all the time in the coding books/blogs/tutorials/whatevs and it's something I've always kind-of understood but not really. Anyway, in my quest cement my knowledge I created a little thing which I will share with you...

30th September 2015

Finding Clarity the Shower

When do you get the chance to think, to innovate and contemplate, to solve real problems and add value to your life?

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